Flange threading

This type of service involves machining and repair of the sealing surface of the flanges with mobile machines on site, without dismantling the flange from the equipment or pipeline.

The advantage of this technology is in the absence of the need to dismantle the flange from the equipment or pipeline parts, as well as its further welding and re-examination of industrial safety, which is extremely important in a short repair time

Pipe flanges

Equipment flanges

Pipe grilles

Flat caps

Pipe fittings flanges

Custom technical requests

Work “on the spot" - without dismantling flanges and equipment

Restoration of the sealing ability of the flange surface which prolongs the service life of the devices

Easy maintenance - there is no need to perform labor-intensive work and subsequent flaw detection of the welded joint in the case of subsequent threading

Adaptability to conditions - the possibility of processing in various spatial positions and with a minimum working space in the area of the treated surface

Avoids the occurrence of product skips through the flange connection, and as a result, subsequent unplanned production stops

Significant reduction in the total repair time

Turning, grinding, milling of surfaces and parts of^

Sealing surfaces of flanges

Grooves of any geometry on flanges

Internal and external cylindrical surfaces

The range of processed flange diameters from 25 mm to 3000 mm

The achieved roughness Ra is from 12.5 to 0.4

Achieving the geometric dimensions of the flanges after threading according to GOST33259-2015, ASME B16.5

Flat flange




Lens gasket

Oval section

Machines with internal basing (deep into the flange)

Machines with external basing (outside the flange)

Machines with pneumatic drive, hydraulic drive, electric drive

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