• Easy setup and operation
  • Multiple motorization
  • Fine tuning
  • Built-in gearbox
  • The ability to select the processing frequency
  • Integrated engine
  • Optimized stability due to high output torque
  • Zero backlash
  • Modular design
  • Unique integrated security features
  • Adjustable clamping legs
  • Heavy Duty Ion-4 Gearbox

Operational data

Minimal clamp

Ø 735,93 mm 

Ø 29 inches

Maximal clamp 

Ø 2139 mm

Ø 84 inches

Dimensional data

Minimal processing capacity

Ø 550 mm 

Ø 22” inches

Maximal processing capacity

Ø 2139 mm

Ø 84” inches

Case dimensions 

1200x900x600 mm

Net weight

780 kg

Overall height

670 mm


Power source


Engine capacity



Power source

2700 l/m

Engine capacity

2400 W or 3,22 l.s.

  • Waterproof Case
  • Lifting device
  • Manual
  • Slide Chart Clamping legs
  • CE Certificates

With the specially designed S-gear gearbox, we can control the surface cleanliness produced by the machine. There are five different (preset) axial feed options that provide different surface cleanliness depending on the cutting geometry of the cutting tips you use. The unique gearbox even allows you to adjust the cutting feed between preset positions when another surface treatment is required. The gearbox also allows the cutting tool to move in both directions. Since the gearbox is driven by the rotation of the machine, the surface will be the same regardless of the rotation speed of the machine.

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